Pizza dai Cinque

Rome / Lazio / Italy - 6/24/16

And one more for the road. This was the other small pizzeria close to our hotel when in Rome and had pretty much the same things on sale as Non Solo Pizza. The pizzas were sold by weight and did not cost much at all. There were some arancinis (rice balls with stuffing such as cheese and tomato sauce) for sale as well, so we got a few of those for a quick take away snack at the hotel.

Rome / Lazio / Italy - 6/24/16

The pizza was very good, but we did like the crust on the Non Solo Pizza a bit more and maybe the toppings as well. Still a great deal for this hearty and delicious food. The arancini rice balls were a bit dry to my taste.

URL Pizza dai Cinque
Puhelin +39-064462725
Osoite Viale Ippocrate 118, 00161 Roma, Italy

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