La Mucca de Pez

After the airplane landed to Madrid, we took our previously reserved ride (Welcome pickups which did the job well coming and going) to our hotel and were quite tired from all the travelling.

Since we did not feel like adventuring too far, we went to a close by restaurant picked up from Googling the Madid’s Malasaña area, where we stayed for the trip. La Mucca (or Lamucca?) had a nonthreatening menu on offer, with pizzas and burgers etc.

So after dusting off the travel-weariness, we walked the colorful streets to this restaurant.

We actually went here also for lunch another day, when the next door La T Gastrobar was closed. For the dinner we had a Margharita pizza, seared tuna tataki, goat-cheese salad and a Thai salad.

For lunch the kids wanted pizza again, I had the gazpacho to start and then salmon.

My wife had the watermelon salad for starters and then veal.

Pizzas were good every time we had them, the cheese and tomato sauce base were tasty and the pizza was crispy and well cooked. And you can also get the pizza to go, which is nice.

The tuna was fresh and nicely charred, this was pretty much like eating tuna sashimi, but with a slightly different seasoning and a ponzu sauce, instead of the usual soy + wasabi. Good stuff.

For dinner we had the salads and both of them were very nice, although I would have liked some chili (this had no spiciness at all) in my Thai salad, but other than that it was a good and a filling dish.

The cold soup for lunch was cool and delicious as was the watermelon salad. Very fitting for the sunny and hot weather in Madrid.

We did manage to escape before the “Lucifer” heat wave, but still, the heat is rather high for us Finnish folk. So the unheated starters were a refreshing way to begin our lunch.

My salmon was rather good, although the apple in the skewers was a rather different companion to the fish. I did like this dish, but not as much as my wife, as she decided that we should switch half way.

Which was fine by me, as I personally enjoyed the veal with the potatoes more than the slightly over-cooked fish.

For desert the kids had some ice cream and I had a coffee, which came with a biscuit.

R. had a piece of cake, which was lovely.

Overall both the lunch and the dinner were pleasant enough experiences and we had a good set of food on both occasions to divide amongst the five of us.

The decor of the restaurant is interesting and multifaceted, with many different kinds of seating areas available, whether you need an intimate dinner or want a more communal experience.

I did enjoy the rough brick walls and general aesthetic of the place.

The service was very friendly and quick both of the times. Vegetarian options were always available and the kids were well received at the restaurant.

Puhelin +34-915210000
Osoite Plaza de Carlos Cambronero, 4, 28004 Madrid, Spain

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