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Rome / Lazio / Italy - 6/26/16

Ok, so now for something completely different. When in Rome (and Italy for that mattes), you have to get some pizza. And one of the best places to get that pizza is from a hole-in-the-wall that serves up slices. There were two on the Viale Ippocrate, where we stayed. They were both very good, but I think this one had a slightly better crust to their pizza and a very friendly service.

Rome / Lazio / Italy - 6/26/16

We got pizza from here a couple of times, Margherita and Crudo and maybe Caprese (we picked these out mostly by pointing). All of the pizzas were delicious, everything was fresh and the slices were quickly heated through in the oven before packing them to go. The prices vary as they are weight based, but the price point is low, so we spent less than 20e for enough pizza for five people.

Oh, and the feeling when getting pizza while Span and Italy were playing football and this restaurant was packed full of young men watching the match? Priceless!

Puhelin +39-064440763
Osoite Viale Ippocrate 106, 00161 Rome, Italy

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